Personal training review August 2023

Kory Truong

Yusuke’s personal training sessions have been amazing! As a newcomer to the gym, I was a bit intimidated but he quickly made me feel comfortable. He is very beginner friendly and helps newcomers to the gym understand how to use the machines and fix their form.

With Yusuke, I am able to safely practice advancing onto heavier weights or increasing the intensity before attempting to do it on my own. Thank you Yusuke for helping me become more active!

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Personal training review August 2023

Mariko Horikoshi


It’s been 6 months since we started training together, and he’s a trainer with solid knowledge. I lost 6 kilos and got closer to my ideal body. A highly recommended trainer. I have met many trainers so far, but he is the best. I asked for training emphasis on buttocks and constriction. Here is a photo of the finished product.

personal training result

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Personal training review July 2023

Kris Mazurek

Yusuke is a master of his craft – knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely caring. When dealing with my anterior ankle impingement, he rapidly created a personalized plan for me that addresses the root cause and ensures long-term recovery. He prioritizes client education, empowering me to take control of my health. Each session is not just a workout, but a holistic wellness journey. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking comprehensive fitness guidance and lasting results.

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Personal training review May 2023

Iren Tavakoli

Mr Yusuke is a great trainer. He is very patient, pleasant and great at what he does. He worked with multiple member of our family and helped them reach their goals. He personalized the training sessions so well that by the end of a couple of months my senior father was able to double his walking steps and I was able to get back to running and doing more intense work outs. We really appreciate him and highly encourage him.

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Personal training review April 2023

Rob Beveridge

I’ve been working with Yusuke for a few months now – it’s been excellent. I’m in my 60s, so not as young, fit or flexible as I once was, and I wanted someone to help me prepare my older self for a 2 week canoe and hiking trip in the NWT.

He is very focused on improving my fitness in a controlled, well thought out and safe manner. He pays attention to my form, correcting as needed, all while encouraging me to work hard.

I’m very happy with the results, I feel stronger, more flexible and my stamina is growing.
If you have a fitness goal in mind and want a knowledgeable trainer to help you met that goal, I can fully recommend Yusuke.

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