Personal training review April 2024

Susan H

I am so glad I found Yusuke, and I cannot recommend him highly enough! Yusuke is very knowledgable in body mechanics, rehabilitation, and in dealing with specific physical issues. His very broad training, knowledge, and skill set includes training in BoneFit from Osteoporosis Canada, which is how I found him following a very recent diagnosis.

Yusuke is meticulous in showing me all that is recommended to protect my back, while increasing my core and muscle strength through a series of weight training and other exercises; as well as tips to prevent injury — from my golf swing to every day experiences. Every session finishes with stretching, which many personal trainers don’t include.

I really appreciate Yusuke’s attention to detail, clear instructions with insistence on alignment and good form, ability to push for more from his clients while also being encouraging, and his overall friendly professional manner. I have every confidence in Yusuke as my personal trainer, and I know that I am getting the very best tailor made training possible.

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Personal training review April 2024


Recently started training again after an extended break of about a year. It has taken some time but after 2 months of training I am feeling the benefits of his workouts.
He has a flexible online schedule and it is easy to book.
He concentrates on your form and your core strength. Vital as you age. Strength training as you will lose muscle with age.

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Personal training review March 2024

colleen ostlund

I do a lot of workouts and Yusuke’s overall body stretch is exactly what I needed for my muscles and joints. It was simply heaven to have him move all my limbs for me; I did nothing and that’s what makes a huge difference to the overall experience. When you are not the one holding your own stretches you get to feel your body fully relax. Yusuke is a total professional ! I’m recommending him to all my athletic friends. Even if you don’t do any sports and just have a stiff body that needs a great stretch, then see Yusuke. You will feel lighter and taller when he’s finished with you. 🙂

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Personal training review January 2024

Kay M

Yusuke is so great! I’ve had many personal trainers over the years and he’s one of the first to really listen to my goals and provide me with a personalized training plan.

I wanted to work on my posture and Yusuke went back to the fundamentals to build endurance in underused muscles like my lower traps and rhomboids. It’s not glamorous, there’s no crazy videos of me deadlifting 100+lb like with other trainers because he’s making sure I have a good foundation to start with, and not continuing to make my overused muscles even stronger, which just make your posture worse. He’s really helped me understand my body and I’m feeling better than I have in years.

I wish I found Yusuke years ago! Highly recommend

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