Personal training review February 2023

Yumi Sato

I have been working with Yusuke-san for a half year and I highly recommend you to try his session! Though I wanted to start my fitness journey, I didn’t know where to start. I had never been to the gym and I easily got overwhelmed. He is very knowledgeable, relatable and easy to understand for beginners. Now I am glad that I made the first step forward my fitness goal. I feel very comfortable and enjoy working out with Yusuke-san!

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Personal training review January 2023



(Translated by Google)
It’s been almost two years since I started training with Yusuke. She always gives me careful guidance and customizes the menu according to my physical condition. Thanks to you, muscle training became fun! My body fat percentage, which was 33%, decreased to 27% and -6% after half a year.
If you’re new to muscle training, or if you’re middle-aged or older and want to keep your muscles from declining as soon as possible and stay healthy, please try Yusuke’s session! it’s recommended!

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Personal training review October 2022

Dan Paviglianiti

I have been working with Yusuke for a number of months and have been really happy with my fitness level increasing and my weight loss. He is very knowledgeable and made me very comfortable on my first visit, I had never been to a gym. I have had such success going 2 days a week that I now go to train with Yusuke 3 days a week. I highly recommend Yusuke for his knowledge and professionalism.

Personal training review October 2022



I had the impression that personal training was a high threshold, but the trainers are very friendly and give easy-to-understand instructions, so I wish I had started earlier. It was difficult for me to continue training by myself, and I tended to be bald for three days. I was also very grateful that they were able to fit the time into my schedule. The gym was clean, and people of all ages were training, so it was very comfortable for me. It is highly recommended for those who are new to personal trainers and those who want to train more professionally

Personal training review September 2022


I had trainings for almost a year with Yusuke. He is the best trainer I’ve ever had. He knows well how your body and muscles work. I had a knee injury, so he actually tailored training sessions for my needs. As he knows a variety of exercises, you won’t be bored of doing the same exercises repeatedly. I really recommend Yusuke for your personal trainer.

Personal training review October 2021

Emi Earl


I returned to the gym for the first time in about two years. I was worried about corona measures, but the trainer wiped the machine with antiseptic solution before the start and at the end, and a sticker was put on the floor to secure social distance with other people. I am able to receive training with peace of mind. Also, the trainer will check the reservation status of the desired time zone in advance and tell you, so I have never hit a busy day.
My feelings were darkened by the corona, but after exercising, my feelings are refreshing and refreshing. I’m glad I lifted my heavy waist and went! I think.
Yusuke, the trainer, is a very easy-to-speak person and kindly teaches me, so I continue to enjoy it.