Tips for Bench Press Part2

This is for someone who want to perform safely or for you already have a pain but still want to continue your training, Try this without giving up what you are doing.

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Bench Press with longer arms

The lowering of the arm and the stretch of the pectoralis major vary significantly depending on the individual. The longer the arm, the lower the humerus will go down, and the more the pectoralis major will be dangerously stretched. Therefore, it is not surprising that most injuries occur in people with relatively longer arms.

Bench Press with thick rib cage

The thicker the rib cage, the more the lowering of the barbell and by extension the stretching of the pectoralis major will be restricted.  People with a thick rib cage will theoretically perform the bench press without much risk of injury to the pectoralis major. 

Prevent the risk of injury

Bringing the hands close together limits the lowering of the arms, which reduces the stretch of  the pectoralis major. 

Another way to avoid excessive stretching of the pectoralis muscles is to perform the bench press by shortening the lowering phase of the bar so that it does not touch the chest.  Especially if your goal is just chest muscle hypertrophy, lowering the bar to the chest is not necessary.