Gym Updates

30 minute personal training sessions are not allowed in the gym at this time. Instead, a student / working holiday discount is available. Take this chance when you are motivated!! Don’t be shy to ask for details.

Covid-19 updates

A mask is not required once you are in a station. Wearing masks is mandatory only in the common area. Personal Trainers still have to wear masks. Let’s keep ourselves safe while training in the gym.

Training outside is available

Outdoor, socially distanced personal training is available

Are you tired of wearing a mask while working out? Our gym has space in front of the facility where I could prepare an outdoor workout session that would not require you to wear a mask!

Review June 2021

Daniel E.

I have had about 20 sessions with Yusuke and he really knows what he is doing, one of the things that I liked the most about the training program is that it is designed according to routines that I enjoy, also like in my case that I have an ankle injury, all went perfectly well. The first assessment session is wonderful because he really evaluates all that needs to be done to be able to program a great training for you and scheduling is also flexible. Do not hesitate in contact YA Core Fitness if you want to train your body successfully. Thank you!

Review May 2021



It’s been a year and a half since I started attending personal training. I go there two or three times a week as a guide. Every training is hard, but there is a sense of accomplishment.
At this time, If you want to go to the gym due to lack of exercise, but hesitate because there may be many people in the gym. However, in the case of personal training here, the sections are separated by reservation, so with other people It doesn’t get dense. And the trainer will sterilize the tools every time, so I’m happy that you can use it with confidence.
I am always grateful for your help.

Review May 2021

Warren Prokopich

If you are looking for a fitness program that is highly tailored to you, which will treat & prevent injury, see Yusuke. He specializes in pain and injury free training for strength and fitness. I have been training with Yusuke for some time now, and he knows how to ensure to get the best results for YOU! Thanks Yusuke!