Anti Rotation plank and common mistake you want to avoid

I often focus on ab workout during personal training sessions as well as my training.  I like to do anti rotation core exercises especially and let me introduce some and hopefully you will learn something new here.

What is Anti Rotation Exercise?

Anti rotation core exercise is where your core is being pulled from one side and your core resists the force and maintains the neutral position. 

Some example of Anti Rotation Core Exercise

Plank Reach out
Plank shoulder touch

Unlike normal planks, one of your hands is off the ground. 

What happens to you is one side of your body is unstable and gravity pulls you to the ground. In order to resist the force,  the side of the abs (that is oblique) have to work to maintain the position.

Why you should do an Anti Rotation Exercise?

As I mentioned, with an anti rotation core exercise, the spine can be neutral all the time if you do it correctly. In fact, you are able to train the side of the abs safely (and this is the reason I don’t do russian twist). 

In addition, in order to have a strong and stable core, training the side of the abs is crucial.

Common mistake


This is the common mistake I see quite often.  Lifting up a hip, shoulder while anti rotation plank kills the purpose of doing these exercises.  In order to do these exercises successfully, your feet should be apart.

Another common mistake

Another example of a common mistake is doing this too quickly. 

Remember the purpose of doing these exercises?  Yes, your abs are resisting the gravitational pull.  Count 2 – 3 seconds each time when one of your hands is up in the air, focus on the abs because that is your target muscles!!

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