Activating Glute muscles

Activating gluteal muscles specifically medius and minimus.  Why are they so important?  well just read it.  You may learn something new.

Why is training gluteus medius / minimus so important?

Ankle pronation forces internal rotation of the tibia and that ultimately leads to valgus knee.  Why is valgus knee bad?  That’s because this position of the knees increases the strain on the anterior cruciate ligament known as ACL.  Although the medial collateral ligament located on the medial surface of the knee is to resist this ACL strain, the root of the hips, the gluteal group is so important.  If they normally function, they decelerate internal hip rotation.  

On the other hand, lack of glute muscle activity may fail to protect the integrity of the knee as this muscle becomes lengthened and weakened.

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Clam shell


This is not a 90’s old workout. It is very simple but so effective. Lying down on the side, knees are bent and feet together to start with, then start lifting one knee (external rotation of the hip) and rotate it as far as the hip allows. Making sure to brace the core for the entire movement and movement should come from only the hip. Never rotate from the spine

Clam shell with Resistance band


Again super simple progression,  you just add a resistance band, wrapped around a bit above the knees.  During personal training,  I can help you to add some force by pushing the client’s knee on the eccentric phase (down phase). which is effective and can be challenging for your gluteus med / min.

Glute training progress here