Learn good push up form

Training with body weights is tough and it is so easy to do it “incorrectly”.   If you aren’t sure, I am here to help you or you can come visit me.  I will teach you during personal training sessions.

Training Right or Wrong?

When it comes to training / exercises,  I think there is no right or wrong.  Some may have a reason to do some exercises for sports specific reasons.  However,  There are some ways you can make them safer.   If you are not training for sports specifically, I would recommend you to do it safely for a long period of time.

Head position

head up position not good for the cervical spine

People often talk about how important performing exercises with a neutral spine position is.  But only for the lumbar spine. Remember the head is part of the spine (cervical spine).  The head should be flat while doing push ups.

head is aligned with whole body

Shoulder position

shoulders at 90 degree

Shoulder position is important, too. Flaring shoulders out, elbows are the same level as the shoulder, then performing push ups is not your shoulder favorite position. Instead, you want to get the elbows 45 degrees.  That way, your chest muscles and triceps are being used and your shoulders position is relatively safe.

shoulder at 45 degree

Hip position

Finally we are talking about the lumbar spine.  You never want to perform plank or push ups with excessive lumbar lordosis. Keep the hip position neutral or even slightly tilted posteriorly (tuck your abdominal muscles) while doing push ups.

Lumbar lordosis