Some mobility exercises before Squatting

Has everybody been having fun training?   Try squats, mobility / flexibility exercises daily to keep your body functioning normally.  And you should enjoy what you are doing. 

Squat with grab the feet

starting position

This is a great way to lengthen hamstrings as well as for dynamic warm up. Starting with feet apart slightly wider than the hip, and bending over to grab both feet with your hands. From this position going down to deep squat, keeping the chest up and knees out,  then going to get the hip up without losing the neutral spine alignment.  

Prisoner Squat


This mobility exercise includes not only hip joints but also thoracic spine. Starting with feet apart shoulder width, feet turn out slightly (not more than 45 degrees) , then placing the hands behind your head and chest up, and sitting back (squat always from the hip hinge movement) .  Squat should go as low as the hip allows which means before the butt wink. Making sure to keep the chest up throughout the movement.

Butt wink here

Learn the good squat here