Training for lower back

Aren’t you skipping the lower back strength training?   We tend to focus on the front part, because having six pack is more appealing?   We also need to work on the lower back consciously.  Remember your strong muscles are for keeping your body strong and healthy and they are not irreplaceable.

Erector Spinae muscles

Erector spinae muscles group is the trunk extensor as well as trunk hyper extensor. These muscles also act eccentrically to control flexion of the spine from a standing position as you are picking up something from the ground. 

In a standing position, you are technically extending your trunk to stand straight. However, the level of activity in erector spinae muscles is low. Therefore, you need to train these muscles.

Hyperextending in the prone position

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It is classic lower back exercise and effective for strengthening erector spinae muscles.  You can try this exercise on Bosu or balance ball but making sure that you don’t hyperextend the trunk too much.  Also this repetitive trunk movement may contraindicate for someone who has already had lower back issue. 

Prone position image


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Starting from quadruped position, then lifting one arm and the opposite side of leg simultaneously. Making sure your spine position is neutral,  Also don’t do it too quick. You are not doing anything by doing too fast.  Lifting the arm and leg, then holding the position, count 2 – 3 seconds, then go back to the starting position.  This exercise make the erector spinae muscles to function as stabilizers of the spine to maintain a neutral position and it may be more suitable for someone with lower back issue rather than the previous  exercise.

Don’t forget to train the side and front part of the abs, too.