All about Serratus anterior

This is the muscle we don’t think about that much.  However, when it is dysfunctional, it is obvious and it won’t be good for having healthy shoulders.  Assessment is available during personal training sessions.

Why is serratus anterior important?

Normal function of the shoulders is very mobile.  On the other hand,  shoulders are susceptible to injury.  This is why the shoulder joint is dependent on the muscles around to be stabilized.  Muscle balance and effective force-coupling relations will give your shoulders moving normally

During pushing and pulling movements, key parascapular muscles are important (ie serratus anterior, rhomboids, and lower trapezius).

Serratus anterior

Serratus anterior wall slides

wall slide personal training
inch away from wall
wall slide2 personal training
protract scapula
wall slide3 personal training
slide with towel

Keep the head and neck neutral, standing inch away from the wall, then protract the scapula to the wall and slide up the wall.  You want to find the smooth surface or just use a towel for this exercise.

Working on Rhomboids muscles