What to Focus on Senior Personal Training 

In this blog, you get to know what you can get by personal training especially if you are senior.   I am here to help you to move better in a daily life. 

Functional Training

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Besides the client’s goal, functional training is the most important which helps you move better for daily activities such as grocery shopping, carrying, load and unload from the car and so on. 

Although the Japanese are very famous for their long life expectancy, I wonder how many of them are actually healthy when they are older.  I meant being physically healthy.   If you know you live long, the quality of life is so important. 

For our personal training sessions, I definitely focus on moving better for older clients

Should I continue functional training with pain?

For instance,  squat is functional movement and you want to do it safely.  However, overtime, some may have a knee pain by doing squats.   

In that case,  I would first assess it you do a proper squat at the first.  Just because you have been so long, doesn’t mean you are doing right.  It might be a simple solution. 

Secondly, if you feel discomfort while squatting, I would suggest you to try with limited movement.   You know people said “you need to use the full range of motion to get benefit fully”.  This doesn’t apply in this case.  Yet squat is still essential for your daily life.  Let me do my job and work together to find what movements allows you to move without pain.

Lastly, let me teach you to  assisted squat or alternative way to train those movement.  

Don’t focus on injured part of body too much

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You may be limited for lower body exercises for a while. Then let’s focus on upper body, core and endurance.  You still can do so much other stuff.  

You should enjoy training at the gym and think how much stuff you still can do without pain.  Thinking too much about negative stuff may give you negative image of yourself.  Let me program your workout and have fun training with me.

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