Personal training review December 2023

Matthew Lee

I don’t think I can thank Yusuke Enough!! for a quick idea of what your gonna get with him:

1. Great facility! Super spacious and has everything you need plus the whole place was empty just for us when I was there!

2. individualized tailored workouts from his deep understanding of body mechanics. He will identify your weakness and make sure you are moving correctly! fixed my bad habit after only a few sessions and gave me a lot of things to work on by myself!

3.Best personality I have had the pleasure working with amongst the personal trainers I have been with. Super patient yet stern! he is what you need if you want results.

a little more detail:

I went to him because I kept getting hurt while working out, and my posture wasn’t great. He quickly figured out that my weak core, tight hips, and undeveloped back were holding me back. We worked together to make a simple warm-up routine and fix my technique. The routine he gave me is still what I use today. And the proof is in the numbers—my deadlift and squat went up by 15% in just a month with his help.

You’re in good hands with this man!

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