Bear Crawl is Great exercise

This is a great way to warm up, too.    I do this at the beginning of the personal training session sometimes.

Why do you want to do Bear Crawl?

You can target many muscles by performing bear crawl if you perform it correctly.  Shoulder stability, understanding the position of lower back and hips and then core stability.   It is also a great way to do it at the beginning of your session to activate those muscles.

What is bear crawl?

Bear Crawl (forward)

Simple to say, but not so easy to achieve.  Starting from a quadruped position, your hips to head are nicely aligned and parallel to the ground.  Start moving forward with one arm and the opposite leg moves forward.  Making sure your torso is parallel to the ground and not tilting your hips position too much throughout the movement. 

Bear Crawl (backward)

Again so simple you just go backward. but coordination may be more  challenging than going forward. It is also hard to not let hips up as moving backward.

Bear shoulder touch

bear personal training

What you have to achieve here is the same as above. (ie torso parallel to the ground and not letting hips tilt side to side).  In addition, this version has more anti rotation exercise that means your side of abs have to work hard to do this movement.

Learn more anti rotation exercises

Bear pull through

bear2 personal training

This is for someone who wants to progress from just shoulder touch movement.  You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, and sandbags for this movement.